Hip Hoppers – An unseen face of Dharavi

If the trailer is anything to go by, it has all the makings of a gangster movie, India’s very own hip hop, homegrown talent found in the nooks and crannies of Dharavi. Stylishly shot, the video clip looks solid with hip hoppers from Dharavi talking about the talent found in the slums and how each person from the slum wants to get out of there to make something of their lives.

It’s a documentary called Dharavi Hustle, produced by Bajaao and slated to release on September 13th. The trailer has clips from the slums with a narrative running in the background talking about what Dharavi actually is, a slum filled with gutters and shoddy structures where people struggle to survive.

It’s a story about hip hop artists that thrive in the busy slum of Dharavi which is also an area for many other small scale businesses. Keep your eyes peeled for this one!