Hip-Hop Tamizha to Star in a Tollywood Movie

Rapper and music composer Aadhi aka Hip-Hop Tamizha like many of his contemporaries is directing and starring in a Tollywood movie called ‘Meesaya Murukku’. A very talented artist, Aadhi started Hip-Hop Tamizha with his fellow collaborator Jeeva back in 2005 when they connected on Orkut. The duo gained momentum and slowly but steadily built a work profile that includes some solid work with great reviews.


With the movie that is being directed by himself, Aadhi couldn’t have gotten more personal as the story is really based on himself. It follows the trail of Aadhi’s life as an independent musician tries to keep it going in a dog eats dog world where there is no space or patience for what he as an artist desired to create. His journey, in short, is the pulse of the movie. Aadhi is also writing the lyrics, the music, the screenplay and creating the music for the movie which is a huge responsibility. Renowned comedian Vivek is playing Aadhi’s father in the movie.

Here’s the trailer: