Hip-Hop Stands For Bengaluru Women

Bengaluru welcomed the start of 2017 in probably the worst way possible. On one of the city’s prominent roads of MG Road and Brigade road, lots of cases of molestation on women have been witnessed. The girls were groped and ill- treated by the mob of unidentified men and everyone including Celebrities have been condemning this heinous activity which took place in the city.

Bollywood biggies like Akshay Kumar condemned this attack with a strong message and now Rapper ‘Raftaar’ also joined to support the victim.

Raftaar aggressively posted a series of posts on all social media platforms asking his fans to reveal the names of those monsters who took advantage of the girl and fled.

Raftar reaction on social media–  Bhaiyooon aur Behnoo. Agar aap bengaluru me hue sharamnaak hadse me shamil kisi ko bhi jaane ho aur unka naam lene ae ya unhe aage lane se darte ho. To mujhe inbox me bata do. Yeh kaam me kar dunga aur aapka naam chupa rahega. Chodna nahi bai isme se kisi bhi madarc***d ko. Haath jodd ke vinati hai Bengaluru ke logo se. Saath dijiye please. Shukriyaa 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.


All the fans of Raftaar wholeheartedly supported him. He posted another post that read- BENGALURU Ek saath hojao. Yeh bohat zaroori hai. Sabse pehle insaan bann na zaroori hai. Sab ko judna padega.Haath jodd ke darkhwaast hai. #shame #shame


Shaken by the incident the rapper made a great effort to stand by the women who was the victim of that ill-fated night and raised voice against the act.

But this is not the end of the story, There was this disgusting man named ‘Ishaq Fidaa’ who posted a sick comment on Raftaar’s post which forced the latter to apologise to his mother and sister for his existence.

The man posted– “Tum log khusray ho jo ladkiyon ki izzat karte ho, ladki ka rape sabse accha kaam h”

In response to this rafter posted the screenshot of this comment and captioned it- Me iski maa ke paeron mei gir ke mafi mangna chahta hu kyoki vo bhi ek aurat/ladki  hain. Amii jaan . Sorry #shame



The acts mentioned above has sent the whole nation into shock and to see Hip Hop artists raising voice against this was incredible. This will definitely help in changing the negative impression of HipHop artists.

And all those people who keep mentality like Ishaq Fidaa- We just wanna say them F**k Off!