Hip Hop Reacts To Bohemia’s ‘Zamana Jali’

Bohemia’s ‘Zamana Jali‘ trended globally and how the desi hip hop scene reacted to it was truly amazing. Everybody raved about the track and it’s gaining worldwide exposure  thoughts its label T-Series as well as a cult following on social media. Everyone from Badshah, Divine, Gitta Bains, to Haji Springer & Neha Kakkar along with many more shared the track on their accounts. Have a look at the screenshots below –

badshah-zamana-jali neha-kakkar-zamana-jali

divine-zamana-jali dj-harpz-zamana-jali gitta-bains-zamana-jali haji-springer-zamana-jali tony-kakkar-zamana-jali






After the huge response, bohemians are already looking for the next release from ‘Skull & Bones‘, and even we can’t tell you what’s going to come next from the pioneer of Desi Hip Hop. Till then enjoy ‘Zamana Jali‘ if you haven’t checked it yet –