How Hip-Hop Might Suffer Because Of Youtube.

Youtube’s new policy gathered a lot of controversies all over the internet. Youtube opened the doors five years ago for the people who want to upload content and immediately start making money off it. The new policy states that the creators or the channel need to hit a total of 10,000-lifetime views to start monetization ie to start earning money off the videos.

This change in policy is mainly due to advertisers pulling ads from offensive videos. The Coco-Cola company was the most recent heavyweight to pull their ads from the video based website.

How Can This Affect Hip-Hop?

A lot of rappers have their music videos or audios out on Youtube. They haven’t yet reached 10K lifetime views but they still want to earn because every artist has bills to pay related to the recording process or music videos. Also if by any chance the content an artists uploads are deemed offensive due to the use of abuses or the theme not being appropriate or even random people reporting it then that artist’s content can’t be monetized even if everything was original and the video hits a million views.

According to Youtube the content has to be ‘Advertiser-friendly’

Content that is not considered advertiser-friendly includes controversial or sensitive subjects. The events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts even if the graphic imagery is not shown. Political conscious rappers will be affected by this for sure.

Also, Battle Rap might just suffer. A battle league’s secondary source of income is the online revenue. Videos containing a shit tonne of abuses and content which can offend battle rap videos may never be monetized.

Check out the newly revised monetization criteria here.