How Hip Hop lost its BLING!

The term ‘Bling‘ reached mainstream popularity in 1999, when the song “Bling Bling” by rap artist B.G. featuring the Cash Money Millionaires cracked the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, the chorus of the song featured a young Lil’ Wayne rapping “Every time I come around your city bling bling“.


What was it about this shiny piece of metal that made BLING an integral part of the rappers of 2000 ? and where did it go in 2016 ?

We must remember that Hip-Hop is a culturally relevant affair and was always about the lowest common denominator. Today, the average Hip-Hop lover has abandoned class-ism. The popularity of Hip-Hop came from years of Black Suppression and money was a far away dream for these individuals, thus when it did become a reality, they could not contain themselves from displaying it in its full glory, ergo, the “BLING“.


BLING, in its simplest form is what it’s intended to sound like, something like the sound of light hitting something metallic. However, this has become a thing of the past. Hip-Hop was always about change, and 10 years later Nas no longer thinks that “Hip-Hop is dead“, Hip-Hop is evolving and in safe hands. Artists like Kanye West, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar have remodelled the way we look at Hip-Hop and that’s why Hip-Hop will never die. Bling or no Bling, Hip-Hop shall never kiss the angel of death or take a flight on its white wings.

Indian Hip-Hop forever!