Hip Hop For Justice! Kashmir Youth Raise Voice Against Civil Unrest

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Over the past year, Desi Hip Hop has seen a rise in the number of hip hop groups forming in Kashmir. Firmly raising their voice against the injustice prevailing, these young rappers are fierce and full of hope. MC Kash and Aamir Ame are two of the common faces, representing their state and its tragic state of affairs.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Kash started the hip hop revolution in Kashmir, post civil unrest in 2010. MC Kash has spread his voice with the power of hip hop. He has penned tracks on the issues of stone pelting and atrocities on civilians to name a few. The rapper has performed across the country. At times facing protests along the way for his aggressive approaches. His track ‘I Protest’ gained lot of traction on social media, fuelling his fire to do more.

MC Kash kashmiri rapper

Another rapper who has set tongues wagging is Kashmir University’s MBA student Aamir Ame a.k.a Emcee Ame. His previous track Dead Eyes’ depicted the story of his friend, who was pelted with bullets in both the eyes in August 2016. He dedicated the track to all the victims of bullet pelting in the state, which continues to this very day.

Ame has been brewing something this time along with Nigerian rapper Shady Joe, Nagaland resident Vsumi and Husteer representing Srinagar. February 23rd marks the anniversary of the horrifying tragedy of the 1991 Kunan Poshpora mass rape.  The incident shocked the entire world, in which at least 23 women were allegedly raped by Army men. The group will release their track We Gonna Rise tomorrow on social media, remembering the victims of Kunan Poshpora incident.

We are so very proud to see these musicians raising their voices through Hip Hop. Be sure to check’ We Gonna Rise’ as it drops today!