Hip-Hop Highway| Episode-1: ‘The Birth Of Desi Hip Hop’ Is Out!


Rap, Rap and Rap; everyone in every corner of India and its subcontinents are talking about this music industry taking over with a swift speed. So it is also important to know how and from where it all started and how Hip Hop and Rap music came into India and got mixed with the Indian music.

Saavn has recently launched its new audio show known as ‘Hip Hop Highway’ which is to be hosted by Raaj Jones. He has been interviewing many Rap artists from Mainstream to Underground for years now and bringing to us their stories about the struggle, journey and new releases.

Raaj jones

The first Episode was released by Saavn on 22nd February 2017 in which Raaj Jones gave an inside about what the show is going to be. It started with him introducing various Underground Artists from the Desi Hip-Hop scene like Naezy, Divine, Brodha V, Prab Deep. The first segment of the show was Paramdeep Sehdev aka Bobby Friction from BBC Asian Radio Channel and where he spoke about how rap music got started, about the people who were the initials involved and the elements of rap music in India. The last segment of the show had

The last segment of the show had rap artist Dilin Nair aka Raftaar, where Raftaar spoke about how he started in the scene and where he is now. He spoke about the issues they go through while he following his passion. He spoke about how he’s doing both Mainstream and Underground and about being criticised for his music.
Bobby friction

They named few artists who contributed to the rise of rap and hip-hop in India like Punjabi MC, Bally Sagoo, Baba Sehgal and Bohemia. They spoke about how the Punjabi Music and Rap Music got mixed and give birth to the hip-hop music and how it came into being.
‘Hip Hop Highway’ is a start to the new heights that Desi Hip-Hop is slowly reaching. Listen to it below and enlighten yourself with the past, present and future of rap and hip hop music in India.