Hip-Hop Fans Are Loving ‘Mohali Messiah 2’ By Sikander Kahlon. Are You?

Sikander Kahlon comes quietly but whatever he drops makes a sensation in the underground. A guy who has already dropped nine full-length mixtapes & two compilation mixtapes released his tenth mixtape, ‘Mohali Messiah 2: Season Sikander‘ on Christmas. MM2 came out as a sequel to his 2014 mixtape ‘Mohali Messiah‘ which helped him in cementing his position back then.

Sikander Kahlon is signed with Manj Musik & that is another reason that his fans were expecting this tape to be a classic. Let’s dig in even deeper to know more about this tape.

“Halle puri duniya jittni hai dost, Par filhal tu keh sakda mainu king in the north”

Sikander Kahlon has raised the bar with this mixtape. Many of his haters always complain about his way of remixing tracks including his style of riding the beat. He decided to drop this album with tracks that are all original. Yes, no remixes this time. MM2 is a nineteen tracks long mixtape & has no features except the bonus track. ‘Slow Down‘ is the last track on his tape and features Youngsta, Raga & Encore ABJ.

Sikander picked beats by some of the hottest producers in the scene right now. I literally mean it. Byg Byrd stepped in to produce ‘KITN (King in the North)‘ which features a sample from Ameen Sabri‘s song ‘Ek Mulaaqat‘. Andy Grewal has produced six tracks, Pam Ramgarhia has produced ‘Dat Nigga (Remix)‘, Harm Sandhu has produced three tracks. Baajewala produced ‘Whore‘, J Hayer has produced ‘Rehndey‘, Sound Shikari produced two tracks, Jagi produced ‘Runnin’ (Remix)‘, Adversary Beats has produced two tracks & last but not the least, Manj Musik, who has remixed ‘I Been Grindin’ (Remix)‘ for this tape.

I loved every single track from this tape. But, the tracks that got my attention at the first place are ‘I Been Grindin‘, ‘Jee‘, ‘KITN‘, ‘Dat Nigga‘ & ‘A Trick I Knew‘. Sikander has tried to cover different tastes of his audience from a single drop. Auto-Tune driven vocals have been one of Sikander Kahlon’s strengths & that’s a key ingredient in this tape. His fans have been uploading videos, sending tweets to him to promote & appreciate his work.


Romi Kahlon from The Visual Team designed the promotional covers of this tape. Sikander has already dropped the video of ‘Shaheedi‘ & we’re expecting a few more videos of the singles that are featured on this mixtape. He even confirmed that the next tape that he’s gonna drop is ‘Kahlon‘s Laboratory‘ in one of his songs. January 1 has witnessed releases by Sikander Kahlon from last two years. So, his fans are looking forward to the video of ‘2017 Flow.

Will he drop the video of ‘2017 Flow‘ this time? What do you think?

Download Mohali Messiah here.