Is Hip-Hop And It’s Elements Taking Over Bollywood?


Hip-Hop has been developing in India & in it’s surrounding Desi nations from a long time now. India’s Bollywood industry has been using elements of Hip-Hop for more than a decade now. Almost every producer is using pop/rap flavor in their clubs songs & even fashion brands are using the impact of Hip-Hop tracks to sell their products & brand value.

By the term ‘Hip-Hop’, I’m not just talking about rap here. Rap is an element of Hip-Hop culture which is used in other genres of music. Hip-Hop dance forms, Hip-Hop rhythms & many other elements are being used in the music industry right now. Is it because of the growth in the number of Hip-Hop listeners or is it because of it’s cultural attraction?

Honey Singh
Before Yo Yo Honey Singh came into the music industry, there was UK Bhangra Industry that was using rap as a filler in the interlude sections of their songs. Pop/Rap culture got it’s hype with Honey Singh’s fusion of Hip-Hop with any other genre of music. Bohemia was the first major artist who re-introduced Hip-Hop to Bollywood with tracks like CC2C & I Got The Picture and that was way before Honey took the scene over. Bohemia’s nature of keeping a distance from the mainstream music changed the perception of general Hip-Hop in the eye of casual music listeners. If Bohemia is considered as the pioneer of Desi Hip-Hop, I consider Yo Yo as the pioneer of pop/rap. He made it popular at least.

Recently, we’ve seen a remarkable growth in the pop/rap at least. Akshay Kumar spat a couple of verses on CC2cAbhishek Bachchan recorded Right Here, Right Now, Ranveer Singh recently did Don’t Hold Back for Jack & JonesBaba Sehgal‘s Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Ja had Hip-Hop elements in it. Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein had a pop/rap verse by Anu Malik in it. Hip-Hop was not popular as a term in the Bollywood music scene but it’s elements were there for sure.



Ranveer Singh has been supporting artists like Naezy Divine and there’s a biopic that is being made on the life of a struggling rapper who literally started off from the bottom. It is said that this movie is inspired from the life of these two rappers. A biopic on the life of Bohemia was also announced a few days ago & it’s highly anticipated by his fans right now.

Badshah recently did a collaboration with one of the most famous Dance-Hall artists, Sean Paul. How many other Indian Hip-Hop artists have you seen working with famous international acts like him? No one can deny that his contribution in the industry has been remarkable. Badshah, Raftaar, Honey Singh & many others are doing the same thing that PitbullChris Brown & many others artists are doing in the west. Honey Singh’s Manala Trance was recently sampled on M.I.A.‘s single, Swords recently. Big news. Right?

It doesn’t matter if you like Hip-Hop, pop/rap music or not because general audience is liking it. The overall Hip-Hop culture is growing because of it’s elements & it’s craze in the underground music industry.