The Hip Hop Dab for Cancer

Hip hop is becoming inspiration for dance moves that can help women check for breast cancer in Singapore. Oppo, the Chinese electronics brand in a campaign with the Singapore Cancer Society, is asking companies and individuals to participate in a social movement which promotes a dance routine that women can mimic which in return simulates their breasts for cancer.


The Dab pose requires the participants to drop their head and rest their face in the elbow of one arm with the other arm raised. The routine has been hashtagged as #BreastCancer Dab is similar to the original except that instead of dropping the head towards the elbow, it is done with the palm of the bent arm resting on the chest instead like a breast self-examination.

The other interesting fact about the campaign is that, the company has only used male models for the launch and they are trying to get the make members in the family- fathers, husbands, partners to inspire women to do regular breast self-examinations. They believe that in the end it’s a disease that affects everyone. Come November 10, Oppo will do a company-wide campaign and get corporate participation which will then be promoted via social media.