Hip-Hop Art: Valentine’s Card #ValentinesDaySpecial

Hip-Hop is a vast culture spread all across the world. It includes many art forms, also called ‘pillars’ or ‘elements’, but whatever it may be, it’s always loved and appreciated by the people who follow the culture.

Today, we got an opportunity to interview one such artist and her name is Melanie Costa Pereira. She is a illustrator from Goa, India who loves hip-hop and brings that love for the culture into her artwork. The talent of painting is in her genes, inherited from her grandmother as she was a surrealist artist.

Melanie likes listening to Yolandi (from Die Antwoord, South African rap and hip-hop duo and Winnie Harlow) and says “Anyone who is unapologetically themselves” she says. She’s also inspired by Queen Bey and RiRi.

She says she likes the culture because she thinks that nothing is as ‘Lit’ as Hip-Hop. “My idea of cardio is twerking. I absolutely love hip hop and rap”  she continues.

“It doesn’t feel like ‘work’. I’m an artist and it’s like I’m just living my best life while travelling, meeting interesting people, not having to sit at a desk all day. I love that I can just paint by the beach with my dog, or paint a cityscape with a glass of wine” she says on working on her passion, and not for a desk job.

She described her way of painting as a ‘Semi-realistic Pop Art‘ as she was unable to give any particular name to her style. She is still learning many new techniques and experimenting with different styles and her style is dynamic in nature and always developing. We wish Melanie a great future and may her unique way of painting hip-hop spread all over the world.

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