Hip Hop Art – Rodney Bennett

Rodney Bennett is an artist and illustrator. He can draw and create comic books and television characters. Rodney has taught art in the public, private and home schools.

Hip Hop Art - Rodney Bennett

Where It All Began

Rodney Bennett began to take a serious interest in art at an early age. He attended Studio Art at the North Carolina Central University where he concentrated on his artwork and gained full knowledge of art history and art courses as an undergraduate student.

Rodney is a brilliant artist who can create portraits, painting, drawing, comic book illustrations and sculpture. He has created portraits of Hip-Hop artists including Jay-Z, Eric B & Rakim, Eminem, Drake and others.

Featured Work(s) and Publications:

“Coffee Cup Collaborative”, a public works project of a bronzed sculpture relief on permanent display in the City Hall district in Greensboro, North Carolina along with CBS Sunday Morning Art Segment and MIT Press publications- “To Conserve a Legacy” which has American Art for Historically Black Colleges and Universities” publication used nationally for African American Art History courses.

His work is also published in the N.C.C.U Literary Magazine, “Ex Umbra” and his Charcoal Drawings.

Check out some of his amazing work below.







Notorious B.I.G_orig

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