Hip Hop Art – Justin Hager

Justin Hager is a self-trained artist and lives and works in New York. He is originally from Bakersfield, California but moved to San Francisco, which has been his home now for many years.


Justin began exhibiting his art in San Francisco, his illustrations & paintings are inspired by his childhood images & memories of Hip Hop culture.

Justin’s art works mainly cover the 90’s pop culture celebrities such as 2 Pac & Missy Elliot. He has created portraits of hip hop artists including Rihanna, Drake, Beyonce, Jay Z, Minaj and many more.


His art has been exhibited in art exhibitions mainly in US, New York, Denmark, Sweden, San Francisco and England. He achieved recognition for his work in the US and internationally, including New York, England, Denmark, Sweden & San Francisco. Check out some of our favourites and be sure to leave your feedback and check out the artist online via the links below.






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