Hip Hop Art – Joseph Buckingham Aka Joe Buck

Joseph Buckingham is an illustrator, painter and graphic designer. He is also known as Joe Buck. He has a deep connection with music and has a unique style of art. Whether he is creating his own project or creating for brands, each one is fresh.


Where It All Began

He got his first big break by designing 1991’s ‘De La Soul Is Dead’ album cover and that was the beginning of his journey in the world on Hip-Hop Art. He has done many projects over the time including projects with Ecko, an album cover for Redefinition Records, The Fader magazine and classic Native Tongue logo. He has created portraits of Hip-Hop artists including 2 Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Guru and others.

Buck has also created Hip-Hop based art through painting, design and prints. He worked for brands including Staple, Redefinition Records and started his own business, Hollis Park with a new website. Hollis Park is a digital store for his Hip-Hop Art works.

Check out some of Joseph Buckingham‘s amazing work below.



J Dilla The King

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