Hip Hop Art – Jon Stich

Jon Stich is an illustrator, painter and hip hop art artist. He lives and works in Oakland, CA. Jon Stich is a well known name in the art world.

Hip Hop Art - Jon Stich

Where It All Began

John began to take a serious interest in art at an early age. He was nine years old when he started creating pictures. In 2004, he has completed his graduation from California College of Arts & Crafts.

Jon has also created some of the best arts of hip hop culture. He has created portraits of hip hop artists including Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Old Dirty Bastard, Ice Cube and many more.

Some of Jon’s clients are Bloomberg Businessweek, Chronicle Books, Pandora Radio, Mother Jones, MTV, Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Observer and many more.

Hip Hop Art - Jon Stich Hip Hop Art - Jon Stich - 2-pac Hip Hop Art - Jon Stich - dr-dre Hip Hop Art - Jon Stich - ice-cube

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