Hip Hop Art – James Ruddle

James Ruddle is Canada based artist, he was born in Hamilton, Ontario on July 8, 1981. James is currently living in Pickering, Ontario.

Hip Hop Art - James Ruddle

Where It All Began

James began to take a serious interest in art at an early age. His work can just not be described as drawing, painting, printmaking or sculpture but also as installation, media, blow torch performance art and video also.

Medium of his work is performance art, burn painting, Christian art and sculpture. He lived in a box in the atrium of the McMaster University Student Centre when he was a third year art student at McMaster University, where he also graduated.

In 2007, James started using burn painting techniques. In 2008, his burn paintings were first shown in an annual Art Sales and Rentals Show. He has created portraits of hip hop artists including Drake, Tupac Sakur and many more.

Check out some of James Ruddle‘s amazing work below.


Tupac Sakur

The Weeknd

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