Hip Hop Art – Dan Lish

Dan Lish is a multi talented artist and lives in United Kingdom. He is a Freelance Illustrator / Concept Artist / Graphic Novelist / Doodler of Fine Scribbles. Over the last 25 years he has been working on many thrilling projects, he’s also worked in New York for over 7 years.

Hip Hop Art - Dan Lish

Dan worked as a freelance illustrator for clients such as Lucas, Rockstar Games, Sony in New York City.

He is very much influenced by Hip Hop. He has created portraits of hip hop artists including Eric B & Rakim, GZA, Questlove, DJ Premier and many more. He has also illustrated one of his first graphic novel ‘Cartigan’ for Akileos publishing.

Check out some of his amazing work below.

Hip Hop Art - Dan Lish ericb_rakim

Hip Hop Art - Dan Lish - beastie_boys_master

Hip Hop Art - Dan Lish - egostrip_gza_litho_master

Hip Hop Art - Dan Lish - questlove_master-litho

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