Hip Hop Art – André LeRoy Davis Aka A.L.Dré

André LeRoy Davis is an artist, teacher, writer, producer known for The Last Word column in The Source magazine. Andre is also known as A.L.Dré.

Hip Hop Art - André LeRoy Davis

Where It All Began

He has completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of Visual Arts in New York. After completing his BFA he started working as a freelance artist. He has created illustrations for comic cartoons, funny illustrations for magazines, entertainment companies like MTV Networks, The TOPPS Company,Inc., Bad Boy Entertainment, Def-Jam and Mad Magazine.

Andre has created a great series of illustrations mostly related to Hip-Hop culture. He has been delivering his views and art to his fans via A.L.Dré Wear which has T-Shirts, posters, greeting cards and wallpapers.

Andre has also been teaching his craft skills in Elementary School, High School and moreover to senior citizens from the age of six to ninety-six. Furthermore, he has been teaching artists about drawing, illustration, painting, cartooning and has created portraits of Hip-Hop artists including Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye West and others.

Andre’s artwork has been featured in 2003 motion picture, Tupac: Resurrection “In His Own Words” as well as inside the pages of “DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop” a book by Cey Adams and Bill Adler which came out in 2008. A.L.Dré proudly says, “I can draw anything, but I’m a Hip-Hop artist, I document Hip-Hop.”

Check out some of André LeRoy Davis‘s amazing work below.


superpac-opening - 2pac


rick ross

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