“Hip Hop ain’t all about doing rap, it’s all about creating movements” – Black Zang


Black Zang, also known as King BZ, a well known successful rap artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. With multiple hit record release, he’s already been known as very dedicated hip hop head to our Desi hiphop community. We had to ask him about his movements, so we locked him down for an interview. Here we go, for Desihiphop.com

King BZ representing Bangladesh on the map hip hop

Shantoo – What is hiphop to you really?

Black Zang – Well,  for me it’s more than just making records, music videos and all that. For me hip-hop is a culture, a society, a lifestyle which suits me more than anything else would, for me hip hop is a thing which I live everyday. Yes I do take those elements seriously too like making music and all those contributions. But hip hop has a whole different meaning to it. I think I live thru hip-hop and it’s elements.

bangladesh black zang hip hop

Shantoo – So making records isn’t a big deal?

Black Zang – Sure it is. As a rap music artist, it’s my job to make good quality music for my fans. But you see what it is like, rappers nowadays only focusing on making records, meanwhile I think I just don’t want to be a rapper only. I want to create movements, platforms and hip-hop related conciseness. It’s really important, and that’s why I’m hosting Asia’s only hip hop based radio segment planet hip-hop 101.6

I’m inspiring youth, I’m doing my YouTube sessions, I’m doing urban clothing line, shows, charitable activities and so many more. I just want to show my youth that there’s so many things you can do in hip hop rather than just making records.

black zang hip hop

Shantoo – What are you currently working on ?

Black Zang – I am hosting a radio show, Planet Hip-Hop on 101.6 FM, every Tuesday from 9-11pm. I talk about the different aspects of the hip-hop movement in the show. Recently, I opened a YouTube channel based on my radio show, in order to reach a wider audience. Hip-hop is more than rapping; it is a culture on its own. Bangla hip-hop is widely dominated by the rappers, but there are many graffiti artists, beatboxers and DJs involved. I am trying to help everyone to get a little recognition for their hard work. This platform helps me explore hip-hop and keep me engaged with my fans. In a way, it is like killing two birds with one stone, which keeps me active and grooms the audience to accept our work. It’s a lengthy process. This is important because most of the artists and listeners are still young, so it is important that they get some source of inspiration and information. Plus, I get to talk with other artists. Also I’ve been playing DesiHiphop’s hot 5 of the week on my show. I considered this my contribution towards the culture through platforms collaboration.

That was Black Zang AKA  King BZ .