Here’s What Inspired Viper X To Create His Mixtape ‘God Level’

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Vivek Gunwant, better known by his stage name Viper X is a Delhi based hip-hop artist who recently dropped his first single ‘You AllHis interest in rap developed back in 2008 and has been doing it ever since. While earning his livelihood along with doing music in Chandigarh Viper X decided to move back to Delhi. In September 2016 he finally did and chose music as a priority.

‘You All’ is the first track that he released in the wake of moving to Delhi. In addition, it happens to be the main track from his upcoming mixtape ‘God level’. Lakshya Parihar aka L.A and Sanidhya Arya aka Y.C are helping him with the foundation work of his mixtape.

Planning to quit his job to work full time on music, this track is a medium for him to show his positive and negative side. He penned his lyrics in such a way that each and every individual can relate to it. Viper figures out how to keep the adoration alive amongst them.

‘You All’ is a thank you letter to the listeners who value his music. The bars he spits on the track “23, second job, but rap is the priority” shows his real life story. The whole track was written, composed and performed by Viper X. The instrumental for the track is created by Mister-Mojo and The Real Imagination did the Lyrical video.

Listen ToYou All‘ By Viper X Here: