Here’s A Closer Look How ‘7 K.O.D’ Mixtape Happened


7 K.O.D’ mixtape began back in the year 2016 when D-Hustlerz met Janmeet aka Infinity in Jalandhar. They ran over Janmeet’s work through Facebook and contacted him and set up a meeting at his studio in Jalandhar. Jeewan Malhi thought of doing a mixtape which would be considered as not only a collection but rather a playlist. A mixtape where one would get each kind of track, in one collection; beginning with the intro, trap, old-school hip-hop to RnB tracks.

I spoke to Jeewan, a member of D-Hustlerz more about it and he said, “I needed to make this collection exceptional”. He had a dream and he needed to place it somewhere and that’s how it happened. Jack Ameen and Manu Ramgarhia were highly influenced by Cyphers in 2015 when the trend was started by American rappers. From that point forward they always wanted to make cyphers.

Janmeet presented DesiOutlaws, a crew from his own city Jalandhar an idea about the same. They had a meeting and decided to work on the mixtape together and set out these 10 tracks. It took them nearly a year to complete the whole tape as they were caught up with other things in their lives. They have together chosen some of the underground finest rappers from Ludhiana and Jalandhar. D-Hustlerz has Jeewan Malhi, Jack Ameen, Manu Ramgharia and Sahil Punni while Desi Outlaws has Rvii Karan and Gurekamjot Singh. The last individual from the group is Joe Sekhon who has 4 tracks as a featured artist in the mixtape.

Out of 10 tracks, they have released only 2 and both got an amazing response from the desi hip-hop community. The first track was the intro called ‘The Introduction’ which was released on 4 Feb 2017 and the second track was ‘7 K.O.D Cypher’ which was their recent release.

The ‘7 K.O.D Mixtape’ is set to release this month and they have all our support for the same.

Till then check out ‘7 K.O.D Cypher’ here: