Hashim Ishaq Calls Out War With ‘Ailaan-E-Jung’


Hashim Ishaq is also know as Big H in the underground scene. He is a Karachi based artist who is working out of Kuwait and was recently in the news for dissing Kali Denali Music‘s artist, J. Hind. He has worked with Marshal The III on ‘Bhook‘ which was a sick track in my opinion.

Hashim is here with the music video of ‘Ailaan-E-Jung‘ & openly declared a war with against his haters.

Hashim Ishaq

We released a video for his latest drop on our website a few days ago. ‘Ailaan-E-Jung’ is a freeverse that he decided to record on a beat that was produced by a famous producer who sells his beats through YouTube under the name of ‘Kato on the track‘. Hashim spared no mercy on this aggressive instrumental and spat his mind out on the mic.

Everyone who works hard for achieving their dreams have to face hate that is thrown towards them by the people who try to pull them down. Some of them let their dreams wash way & some of them struggle even harder to overcome their biggest fears. Hashim is a guy from the latter side as he has discussed incidents from his school time amongst others

Big H has confirmed he has plans to go even further on to the pathway that is going to lead him to his success with this single release. Aggressive vocal style with bars that are all about his victory is exactly what he has intended on this beat. The video for this one minute long track was shot by Hassan Ahmed & Butt Broz.

Watch ‘Ailaan-E-Jung’ by Big H here :