Hardy And Olvin Are Dropping “All My Munde” This Week!

Rishab Sharma, widely known as Olvin, holds an eminent level of reputation when it comes to storytelling. Hardy, on the other hand, is more of a laid-back and chill-hop artist. Olvin and Hardy have proved their worth at different periods of time.

Emerging from Mohali and Chandigarh, Olvin and Hardy’s chemistry deserves a big round of applause. They’re not a duo but have been working together for a very long time now. Their forthcoming release, “All My Munde” is dropping on DesiHipHop.com on April 21, 2017. “All My Munde” or “AMM” is a chill-pop or laid-back track. In my conversation with Olvin about the track, he suggested:

“This track, “All My Munde”, is all about positivity. It is about that time when your mind wants to relax and chill. It is about that time when you want to have a good time. “AMM” will sound commercial to the ones who want it to be commercial. It will sound underground to the ones who love underground. See, it is a perfect blend of two genres mixed in a way that the track sounds sonically correct. The lyricism and flow of “AMM” is very smooth and I’m sure everyone would love the track.”

“AMM” is definitely a treat for the stoners. However, people who appreciate soothing hip-hop music are going to love this as well.  After dropping “AMM”, Hardy will be dropping another banger very soon. So, people who appreciate their music should definitely wait for these tracks.

To sum up everything, don’t sleep on artists like Olvin and Hardy.