Hard Kaur – Lehra Tiranga #KodeReview


Hard Kaur Aka The Sherni needs no introduction, she has been making anthems and hits for years but this project is extraordinary and something really special. It is a tribute to all the Indian Army soldiers who sacrifice their privileges and put their life on the line so that we get to live the life with freedom. This is one of a kind and Hard Kaur slayed it. She made a perfect tribute.

Hard Kaur - Lehra Tiranga #Interview

Coming to the track itself. It’s one beautiful melody and the lovely vocals of Bhaven Dhanak are amazing complements the track and Hard Kaur’s vocals nicely. Kaur’s vocals, on the other hand, were artistic; something we didn’t see coming. She sang and flowed on the beat quite nicely. The audio itself is dope and a perfect tribute to the bravery of Indian soldiers. The production in this goes hard, so does the mixing and mastering. Props to the whole team.

Hard Kaur - Lehra Tiranga #Interview

A piece by Rahul Beniwal always does justice to the work the artists put in. The visuals the way the lyrics were displayed captured the essence of the song perfectly and did justice to the tribute. A huge shout out to everyone involved in this project amazing work truly.

Hard Kaur - Lehra Trianga

I had to ask questions regarding the whole project to Hard Kaur and being humble she gave brilliant answers. Check out the exclusive interview done.

Q) How did this project came into being?

Kaur:  I personally think that we all should be doing something, even if it’s something small for our soldiers. I’ve always wanted to do a song for our them but once again it’s an independent project as bigger labels don’t want to support me in the real shit I do. They only want the party tracks. But I had to do it.

Q) What was the writing process for this track?

Kaur: One day 2 years ago, I asked Sonny Ravan about how we should make a song for the soldier’s, and he jumped to it as it was something we felt automatically. So he started writing and came up with the melody. We decided to give a good tribute to the guys who protect us. Then I called Bhavin to come and sing it. He sang it beautifully with true emotions. Hard Kaur - Lehra Tiranga #Interview

Q) What is the primary motive behind the whole project?

Kaur: There’s no motive. It’s just a tribute to each and everyone who has lost their lives for our safety and every single soldier who is out there right now fighting for us day and night in all kinds of extreme conditions. We salute you. We just want them to know we love them and we are thankful. The money (how much ever) I can get from sales, I’ll be giving to a family/widow of a soldier who has sacrificed him or herself for our protection.

Q) This is a tribute to all the soldiers for sure; is there any other message you want to give to our brave men?

Kaur: We would really want every soldier out there to hear it at least once and smile. I want them to know that we are here thinking of them and that we appreciate everything they do for us. We would love that someone out there would get inspired to be one or do something special for them too.

Q) What do you have in store for the future?

Kaur: My next so called “Big” single (Lol). A party track (you know what I mean) is about to drop end of February. Been hearing a lot of crap in the past year or so.. Most of the party/commercial songs sound the same. Looks like it’s time for me to come back and show them how it’s done. Get me!! The project I’m most excited about is The Hip Hop association Mixtape I’m dropping this year, featuring some amazing Desi MC’s, R&B & soul artists, beat makers & scratch DJ’s. There’s never been a collaboration so big. I can’t wait.

The whole project is an inspiration and a perfect tribute my advice is for everyone to bump this. Knowing that no major label supported the project and Hard Kaur still going ahead with it taking a risk , this is patriotism at best.