Are Haji Springer And Raxstar Collaborating Soon?

Haji Springer-Raxstar-DesiHipHop Image

Mr. Hanji Hello, Raxstar, is one the most prominent and eminent names in desi hip-hop. He feels that most of the Desi’s experience common situations throughout the world. It is this aspect which he really wishes to explore through his music, his multi-cultural upbringing helps him explore this more. Haji Springer, on the other hand, is a rapper/producer and is a Kali Denali Music associate. They both have worked on ‘Desi’s‘, ‘Brand New Swag‘ and ‘Nothing‘. However, the remix of ‘Nothing’ also featured the Kali Denali Music head, Bohemia.

In his last interview with Raaj Jones, Raaj asked about his association with Kali Denali Music and BohemiaRaxstar said suggested Haji Springer was the only link between him and KDM but they both have never met. He has been following his music and they’ve collaborated on several tracks that are unreleased yet. Raxstar affirmed that his music was praised by Bohemia on a call that he received from him. Raxstar’s ‘Nothing’ was initially arranged with Bohemia. However, KDM Mixtape Vol. 1 was clashing with the release. Haji asked Raxstar to release ‘Nothing’ alone and promised a remix for future which came out months ago.

Raxstar recently met Haji Springer and posted a picture of them on his social media. The caption said “Hajni Hello. much love and respect for the big Bro we finally got to meet and work in person. get used to seeing our names together loads of new music coming”. A lot of comments from their respective fans were demanding a collaboration soon. What are they going to drop is still a mystery and we’ll definitely keep you guys updated.

Till then, stream ‘Nothing’ by Raxstar and Bohemia here: