Guys From ‘Chill’ Are All Set To Release A New Anthem


We all know the impact that ‘Chill’ had on the underground. Puneet Kohli and Marshall The III were lucky enough that Raftaar decided to do a remix of their ‘Chill’ and this news shook the scene and the final product came out as a banger. Puneet Kohli shared his experience of working with Raftaar, told us how the ‘Chill Raamix’ came to life and spoke to us about his upcoming song ‘Rimjhim’.

“United we stand & divided we fall” – Raftaar

Chill Raamix Raftaar
Here’s how Puneet Kohli explains his experience of working with Raftaar.

San Cha – How did ‘Chill (Raamix)’ came to life?

Puneet – As we all know Raftaar is the man of his word. The beat and hook of ‘Chill’ clicked his mind and he called me at a conference and I was like “Wow!”. Then we planned our meeting and later did the track. Working with him was a magical experience. We worked like friends and now he treats us like his brothers.

San Cha – How did this drop effect your reputation in the underground? What has changed since then?

Puneet – People started to recognise our names in the underground and in my neighbourhood as well. Some of them congratulated and wished us luck. It left an impact on our lives in a positive manner.

Cover of Rimjhim

San Cha – You guys are about drop ‘Rimjhim’. Tell us something about its birth.

Puneet – Basically, it’s an old track. We bought this instrumental legally from a producer and later Varun who produced ‘Chill’ rearranged and peaked some knobs over the beat and then we finalised it. We dubbed this track a long time ago but the video that we shot didn’t come out the way we had expected. Marshall did the additional work on the video and Thee Emenjay mixed our vocals. Main-Dope Malhotra was added to the track to give this track a different flavour.

San Cha –  What are your expectations from ‘Rimjhim’ and what kind of sound should we expect?

Puneet – Our fans and friends were demanding a track from us that they could play in clubs and have a good time. Keeping that in mind, we gave this track a commercial flavour. We didn’t compromise on our verses but the overall track is definitely a sound that you will love to bump on loop. This is our first major drop after ‘Chill‘ and ‘Chill Raamix‘ so our expectations from this single are quite high. We want to satisfy our fans and that’s what we work for. Let’s hope that they like it.

We all know the success and fame that they’ve achieved in a short period of time. They’ve delivered their promise every time and we wish ‘Rimjhim‘ turns out to be another success for them.