Guru Lahori’s “OOH KILL EM” Crosses 1 Lakh Views On Youtube


Guru Lahori Ooh Kill Em Image 2

Well ‘Guru Lahori’ released a song titled ‘OOH KILL EM’, a little while ago in the year of 2016, for those who do not know who Guru Lahori is, he is rapper born in our neighboring country Pakistan, in the city of Lahore, there and he is very well known among the Pakistani diaspora, but he had to move to Toronto at a very young age along with his family. Not much is known of the artist but what is known about him is that, man he can sing out good and meaningful and brilliant rap and he is unlike his counterparts in the Pakistani hip hop underground circuit, he is very much unique and different than most of the rappers in the industry.

Well, the interesting thing about the song is that it has crossed 1 lakh views on YouTube and is still going on strong even though it had released a year ago.!!! The song was such a hit among the masses that even the king of Punjabi rap our very own beloved Bohemia recommended and appraised the song produced by Lahori. This is not the only song by Lahori that has had 1 lakh views on YouTube his other song “Humble Up” has also crossed the threshold of the 1 lakh view mark on YouTube and is also going strong head on into the competition.

Check Out Guru Lahori’s Facebook post about “Ooh Kill Em here”:

The song “Ooh Kill Em”, is full of beats and energy, with the sounds of a Bhangra dhol making much of the music in the song. It is groovy and catching and is good for any party song , all we want to say that the song is good, unique and lively and wish that Guru keeps on releasing songs like this and wish him all the very best for his future in the industry and if you have the blessings and good will from the king of Punjabi rap himself then nothing can stop on path to glory.

Watch  Guru Lahori’s Ooh Kill Em video here: