Guru Lahori Is About To Release ‘Woh’ Tomorrow

Hassan Javed is widely popular as Guru Lahori in the desi hip-hop scene. His work stands out and I can guarantee you this since Bohemia himself adulated his ability on camera. Guru is a part of famous rap crew B.E.G. which stands for Black Eye Galaxy which includes other dope artists namely Mohan Singh, Rush Toor and Kallmeup.

Guru Lahori started a series called ‘#StreetTalk‘ and drop the first installment ‘Duniya‘ with a video in August of 2016. The second installment of the series is coming out tomorrow and the title is ‘Woh‘.

‘Woh’, as the name suggests, intends to catch a male-female relationship and that is basically about it. Guru has tried to keep it intelligent and street while utilizing a majority of rhymes in Urdu. To keep the flavor of his series, he is going to shorten the duration of ‘Woh’ to match the duration of ‘Duniya’. Yes, unfortunately, this track is not going to be a full-length track. Osama Ali has produced this track and two reputed artists coming together for a track is worth the anticipation.

Guru Lahori has planned to drop it tomorrow on the Valentine’s Day but nothing is final yet. He is working hard to deliver this track tomorrow and the news has effectively left everybody excited already.