Guru Lahori Finally Dropped ‘Woh’ After A Short Delay!


Guru Lahori started a series called ‘#StreetTalk’ and dropped the first instalment ‘Duniya‘ with a video in August last year. The second instalment of the series was planned for February 14, 2017, but it was delayed and instead came ‘S.S.L.‘ which featured Dave Bawa and Rush Toor. ‘Woh‘, as the name suggests, intends to catch a male-female relationship and that is basically about it. Guru has tried to keep it intelligent and street while utilising a majority of rhymes in Urdu.

To keep the flavour of his series, he is going to shorten the duration of ‘Woh’ to match the duration of ‘Duniya’. Yes, unfortunately, this track is not a full-length track. Produced by Osama Ali, this track has two reputed artists coming together and is worth the anticipation. This track came out through online music streaming platform ‘Patari’. “Wo boli, kaash hoti main, aati baad mein woh” clearly shows her insecurity and general female behaviour of being possessive. It is a way too short track but has emotions in it.

Play this track here and witness it yourself: