Guru Lahori Is About To Drop The Video Of ‘Woh’ This Week!


Guru Lahori started a series called ‘#StreetTalk’ a few months ago. He dropped the first installment of ‘#StreetTalk’, ‘Duniya‘, with a video in August last year. The second installment ‘Street Talk’ was planned for February 14, 2017, but it was delayed. ‘S.S.L.‘ which featured Dave Bawa and Rush Toor came out instead.

Woh‘, as the name suggests, intends to catch a male-female relationship and that is basically about it. Guru has tried to keep it intelligent and street while utilising a majority of rhymes in Urdu and with a nice Desi Hip Hop flavour.

Guru Lahori Desi hip hop "Woh" Image

Since, the audio already came out, everyone thought that was it. But Guru Lahori knows how to stay in the news. He decided to drop the video of ‘Woh’ and it’s coming out his week. ‘Woh’ is produced by Osama Ali and have some serious chilling vibes in it. Basically, the idea behind ‘Woh’ is a very brief 1 minute audio/visual experience that captures a thought/experience that most of us have.I decided to talk to Guru to know his side of the story. To which he said:

Everyone should wait for it because of the amount of effort that has gone behind this small one minute clip. It’s not as easy as it looks to actually put together a video of this quality. Also, the scenery is absolutely beautiful.

I want people to share it with everyone they know as it is very different from the Urdu/Hindi rap we have seen come out of the Desi hip hop underground so far.

Watch the teaser of ‘Woh’ here:

The track is coming out exclusively on on May 22, 2017. Stay connected to get more updates on the release.