Guru Lahori And ByG Byrd Came Together For “Plottin”!


Guru Lahori is a hip-hop artist from Lahore, Pakistan who is based in Calgary, Alberta right now. He is one of the most celebrated rappers in the desi hip-hop scene as whatever he drops is worth the appreciation. An artist praised by Bohemia is an artist well-respected.

Earlier today, Black Eye Galaxy member dropped “Plottin” with Brown Boys head, ByG Byrd. The track itself is an amazing blend of a vox-driven melody and banging trap drums. Byg Byrd is known for producing hard trap beats for desi rappers and on the other hand, Guru Lahori is reputed for murdering them. As a matter of fact, whatever Byg Byrd touches becomes gold and this mix is a perfect example for the same.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Now the boy about to blow,
I’ve been putting in the work, I’ve been plottin’ on the low”

Listen to “Plottin” by Guru Lahori and Byg Byrd here:

Guru Lahori is also going to release the video of “Woh” this month and his fans are going bonkers about it. It seems like Guru was keeping it low for a while and feels now is the time. How excited are you for the release of “Woh”? Let us know in the comments down below.