‘Gulam’: A Track Against Child labour By Smogy X MrBunny


‘Gulam‘ is a track that stands against the Child labour. This is a serious topic that our country has been facing for a long time. Poetic Revolution uses this track to project a very important and social message. It is presented by Bunny Chakrabarty aka MrBunny and a new face to the scene, Chirag Sharma aka Smogy. These artists are trying to deliver a strong message for the masses who are supporting child labour upon helpless kids without understanding their needs and dreams. The lyrics of this track paint a picture of a helpless child, who struggles to earn a livelihood to survive in this harsh world full of lies and torture.

they speak about how one wants to express but can not. How much one wants to live a life like the other kids, but is deprived of even the basic of needs. The two rappers present a mix of both Hindi and English verses and just have expressed widely and openly about their resentment over this child labour.

‘Gulam’, as the name suggests, is picturising the harsh reality of the society. Many children dream of a good life, but their dreams end when they wake up on the roadsides. Over heaps is garbage and living a life of a slave, subjected to untold miseries. The Poetic Revolution, in the past, have created songs with social messages in them like ‘Mera Desh’, ‘Shakti’, and ‘Haq’. This is another instance where they have welcomed a new face to be a part of a very social and musical movement and to spread a goodwill message to all the people around the world against Child Labour for the future of the world. The instrumental is created by MrBunny and the whole track is mixed and mastered by Jam Records. We hope that this track will bring some change in your thinking and all you guys will try to fight for this.

Listen To ‘Gulam’ By Smogy and MrBunny Here: