The Greatest Gangsta Rappers Of All Time

Gangsta rappers have that extra thing that sets them apart from the rest: they’re connected with the streets and they were chosen to represent their neighborhood. The greatest gangsta rappers of all time were chosen to represent all the streets from around the world and all the people that don’t have a voice of their own.

Some of them managed to turn this into a fine art. Let’s find out who they are below.

10. Scarface



A lot of rappers talk about the life on the corner but only a few of them can explain the true pain that this life comes with. Scarface is one of them and even if he moved on from this life, he still remains one of the greatest gangsta rappers of all time.

9. Ice-T


Once admitting that he was a bank robber, Ice-T has been pumping out hard core lyrics since the early 80s , and he can easily get the title of grandfather of rap. Maybe he’s not the best that ever did it but he’s definitely a O.G.

8. DMX


Arguably his music would have been even better if it wasn’t for his drug addiction. With multiple arrests for possession and even impersonating a federal officer, DMX’s career was often slowed down by his legal troubles but he remains one of the realest to ever do it.

7. 50 Cent


Being a drug dealer from an early age molds your personality permanently, and you can feel that in 50’s lyrics and in his business moves. He’s cold and he’s one of the most popular gangsta rappers of all time.

6. Eazy-E

CIRCA 1990: American rapper Eazy-E poses. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Eazy-E

One of the first to pass from the streets and into the recording booth! His voice and his lyrics were full of anger towards a hard life and oppressive system. Even if Eazy passed away, his legacy remains and he still remains one of the hardest gangsta rappers.

5. The Game


Another rapper getting his education from the street by becoming a Cedar Block Piru Blood. His loyalty to his brothers was proved in `One Blood` and Game is also one of the best selling gangsta rappers of all time. Props to him.

4. Snoop Dogg


Gaining his gangster status as a Crip member, Snoop pass from expressing his anger on the streets to rapping the same feeling for millions. He became a worldwide icon but he still maintained his status in the streets.

3. Ice Cube


Going from N.W.A to being a solo artist, Ice Cube fought oppression with his lyrics to become the voice of a generation. Until today he remains one of the realest to ever do it.

1 & 2 2Pac/Notorious B.I.G.


Impossible to chose from as both of them represented their city to the fullest. Both of them also died for their beliefs. We can only image what would happen if Biggy and Pac were alive today.