Grandmaster Flash Is Going Supersonic!

As if the Supersonic 2017 line-up couldn’t get any better, they just dropped the bombshell news that one of the true pioneers of turntablism, Grandmaster Flash will be performing at this years festival at Laxmi Lawns, Pune.

Grandmaster flash supersonic

Having already announced hip-hop heavyweight Macklemore to headline the festival a couple of weeks back, fans of the genre will no doubt be ecstatic that another must-see hip-hop act has been added to the bill.

Flash, real name Joseph Saddler, is considered to be one of the true pioneers of a lot of DJ-ing techniques which are still used today. Techniques such as ‘Punch Phrasing‘ (or clock theory) and ‘Backspin Technique‘ (or quick-mix theory) have become the foundation of a lot of new styles and techniques we see today’s DJ’s using. Recent Netflix mini-series, ‘The Get Down‘ once again catapulted Flash back in to the limelight as a whole new generation of hip-hop fans got to learn about ‘The Master’ and his contributions to the culture.


Having released 11 studio albums over the span of 35 years, from ‘The Message‘ in 1982 to ‘The Bridge – Concept of a Culture‘ in 2009, fans at the festival will be in for a real treat, as Flash will no doubt take them on a journey through hip hop via the tracks he’ll drop. His legacy speaks for it self, Flash and his group ‘The Furious Five‘ were also the first ever Hip-Hop act to be inducted in to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame back in 2007 and have also won countless other awards for their dedication and influence within Hip-Hop culture.


Everyone at DHH is super hyped at this announcement and it’s another big step in the right direction for hip hop in india. Nine days to go till the festival kicks off, but until then, we’ll leave you with this classic Grandmaster Flash track.