“A Good Concept Is Way Above Your Equipment” – Inflict


Prakarsh Tewari who is famous by his alter ego Inflict is one of a few people who’re literally helping in the growth of Hip-Hop music but not from the musical side of it. Inflict is pushing the scene forward by converting visions into visuals. Yes, he’s the man behind the camera who is shooting videos for some of the most renowned artists in the underground scene. Every of his video is a ‘Shot By Inflict‘ piece.

He has done several videos like ‘THat Part (Remix)‘ for Seedhe Maut, ‘Savdhaan India‘ for Prabh Deep, ‘Sunno‘ for RagaYoungsta AshEncore ABJHindi Rap SoldierGhauri, ‘Uber Everywhere‘ for Frappe Ash & many more. The latest video that was shot by him is KRSNA‘s ‘Vyanjan‘ which is already trending these days.

He’s a fun loving guy but it’s really not hard to piss him off. People misspell his name often & that’s what he hates. He’s very popular in the underground scene but I think that people who stay behind the camera should be recognized more because an artist’s vision is nothing without a director’s ideas. I wanted him to answers a few questions for all of us & he agreed to have a conversation which went like this.


San Cha – How Did You Become ‘Inflict’? What Was Special About This Name?

Inflict – A lot of people are not aware of a the fact that I started my journey with music in 2011. I was producing beats, remix tracks, making videos and also tried my hand on photography. At that point of time I was just “Prakarsh” which had nothing so special with the name. I continued with this name till December 2014 but then I realized that most of the people who checked my work were confusing my name with ‘Prakash’ or something which was misleading my fan base. I realized that I need a stage name to work with and that’s how ‘Inflict’, my alter ego was born.

The reason I kept this name was just because I think that things have been inflicted upon me since the day I was born. Parents commanding me to “Do this! Do that!”, friends suggesting “why are you wasting time with photography and remixes, leave it”. But, my affection with Hip-Hop & Movies helped me out in shaping my contrivances. So, ‘Inflict’ was the most suitable word to describe my persona.

San Cha – You’ve Worked With Several Artists. Who Do You Like Working With The Most & Why?

Inflict – Well, I’ve been grateful enough that I’ve worked with some of the best artists from the underground & mainstream. I can’t take a particular name because everyone has their own style. From Youngsta to KRSNA each and every experience has been new. Naming a favorite is difficult for me as I love all of them. Different styles of music comes with different experiences.

San Cha – Do You Think Growth Of Hip-Hop Music In India Is Helping People Like You? Do You Have Plans Of Working Outside The Genre Of Hip-Hop?

Inflict – Well, it has surely helped me in realising what I should be doing and what not. I see a lot of people these days who’re making videos and doing some pretty good work at their first try. Being a Hip-Hop listener myself, I enjoy doing Hip-Hop videos more than any other genre but that doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing videos outside of this. I listen to every kind of music may it be R&B, E.D.M. or even Punjabi music. I’d love to do videos if I get experimental freedom & a good budget to work with. I guess that’s what an artist wants, freedom.

San Cha – Who Do You Think Is The Best In The Underground Video Production Scene?

Inflict – Saying who’s the best would be difficult just because I see a lot of competition these days. Everyone is doing good with their work may it be Rahul Beniwal, Canfuse, JD, Core Conxept or even me. We have our different styles and different kind of vibes that is highlighted in our content. So, naming the best out of everyone is not a fair thing to do.

San Cha – Tell Us About Your Upcoming Projects.

Inflict – I’ve a lot of projects lined up lately & I’ m already booked for around 18-19 videos till next year & still a lot of talks are going on. The latest one that I did was KRSNA’s ‘Vyanjan‘ which received a pretty good response all around. I’m glad people liked it. Other projects this month is a track by Red Rapter named ‘Savage Mask‘. We’ve already released it’s trailer and the full video is going to be out soon. I’m already done with the shooting of ‘Seedhe Maut Anthem‘ and it’s in the editing phase for now. I’ve three projects with Youngsta & a hell lot of surprise videos that are lined up for you. I’m pretty sure that these videos are jaw dropping.

San Cha – What Should People Like You Improve In Their Style Of Video-Making? Any tips?

Inflict – Content and Concept. Knowing the technicalities of video making is easy but knowing the aesthetics is what the key to a good video is. Understand the content and then plan accordingly. A good concept is way above your equipment. Don’t go for a good camera or good lighting, focus on your concept & instead.