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In another edition of Global Desi, we have SJAM  coming with that raw, gully and grimy flow. Part of Harmed Forces Cypher out of Calgary, Alberta.

SJAM, since grade 4 has been involved with music and rap, his first spark originated listening to “Me and my Girlfriend” By Tupac Shakur.  Cutting reality with brutal analogies, SJAM is a mixture of Old School Chamkila roots with that Andre 3000 executioner in the booth!


We crossed paths with him after checking out Harmed Forces Cypher 33 and this is what we asked him:

Who Is SJAM?  

SJAM is an artist that paints pictures with his words; he resides in Calgary, AB

How’d you begin with Music? 

Music was a life time journey which started when I first heard “Me and my Girlfriend” by 2pac

What’s Next with Harmed Forces? Next Harmed Forces Cypher is 35 which is an Province Wide Team battle featuring Artists from other major cities.

How’s your personal life in Calgary? I got a Hockey game next Wednesday at North East Sportsplex, Come thru if you want to spit some frees 

5. Any last words for people tuned in? 

Shoot-out Desi Hip Hop for the promo opportunity, me as indo Canadian rap artist respect all avenues that put on for the community as a whole across the globe and to the haters… Stay Tuned

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