GhAatak Describes The Dark Phase Of Lower Middle Class In ‘Zindagi’

In the ocean of music pouring out of the underground, I came across another tributary called ‘Zindagi‘ by an artist named ‘GhAatak‘. This was my first encounter with the artist and if he tunes up his skill set he will go a long way.

The description on YouTube mentioned the following : “This song is basically about the dark life of lower middle class, domestic violence , dreams, never say die attitude, struggle for money. Many of you can relate with this.


From what I heard in the track and read in the YouTube description, the track seems to be inspired by a series of real life events and he decided to vent it out on a track. The content of the track is spot on and he seems to have his way with lyrics. There are a few lines in there which will hit you if not force you to think and be grateful about your own life. There is a lot of emotion involved in what he is trying to say and at a few places the emotion over powers the delivery, making it a little tricky to comprehend what is being said. GhAatak packs a tight flow and has done justice to the background, Zitroxbeats has done a good job in production and I will definitely be on the lookout for more of his music.

The track comes along with a simple and functional video and is directed by RAH MAAN. He is also responsible for the brilliant VFX work. GhAatak is a good artist but has tremendous scope to improve and get killing in the game.