Get Ready For Mumbai’s Hungriest Rapper … Literally.

Gari-B recently released a teaser for his music video titled ‘Gari-B Ki Kahani‘. Before we get into that, Gari-B is a character developed by Tadpatri Talkies and Gari-B parodies rappers in a way that will have you laughing hard. Sidharth Raveendran, part of the Tadpatri Talkies team plays the character Gari-B perfectly. 

Gari-B appeared as a ‘Cheap Guest‘ on B3‘s ‘Art Of War‘ event which happened in February where he entertained the people by his cheapness. Gari-B awarded the Clan Title winner with 500 bucks in one rupee coins which had the crowd cracking up hard.

We reached out Gari-B’s managers Tadpatri Talkies for an exclusive interview for his upcoming release. 

TT : Apologies as Gari-B wasn’t available for this interview, he took his family out for Sunday brunch at a nearby Gurdwara langar. 

DHH : No issues. So, we wanted to know who Gari-B is and where is he from ?

TT : If the street was a person, Gari-B is the sound of its stomach growing which no producer in this country is willing to sample. A lot of people think he is from the streets but he is not from the streets, he is the street.

DHH : What is Gari-B coming out with and when ?

TT :  Gari-B is coming out with his autobiography in the form of a rap song which tells his story and everyday struggles which is called Gari-B ki kahaani. Quoting him, the song is coming out “Bahot jald.”

DHH : Who inspired Gari-B ?

TT : The only person who ever inspired him to be something was Gari-B himself. His dream is to be successful enough one day to be able to afford Chinese bhel, samosa chaat and the favourite snack of the Proletariat – Paani Puri. In short, Middle-class aspirations are things that he dreams of.

The answers had us giggling and this is definitely an out of the box initiative needed in the Desi Hip-Hop scene. We wish Gari-B the best for his release till then take a look at his teaser below.

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