From Mumbai’s Gully To Mandi Gaon.


Near my college resides a young boy named Satish Kumar a.k.a Shezad, twelve-year-old who really wanted to rap so I sat with him after college hours teaching him about the various elements of the culture. I saw a spark inside of him as I played Divine’s track ‘Jungli Sher’ and he told me that his favourite rapper is Divine. He really vibed to the track and his favourite rappers include Encore ABJ, Raga, Youngsta and me.

Shezad Mandi Gaon

He has had his share of ups and downs and really wanted to speak to Divine, so as a dedication I helped him record this clip for him. This boy-wonder is going places and with a little work he might be the youngest rapper to look out for in the Desi Hip Hop Scene.

The power of Hip hop is strong and it could spark a change in someone’s life and so it did in Satish’s life. Soon Satish will record a couple of tracks.
Watch The Clip Here;

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