Freestyle For Homeless 2017, Hip-Hop Can Make A Change

Hip-hop in Bangladesh, and there’s a good number of people still, do not believe in it. They don’t believe in this culture and its elements including people whose are involved in it. Hip-hop has its own ability to bring changes into our society, mentality and thinking abilities. And we’re about to do that. Last year, we took an initiative. We’ve arranged an event, where we asked you all to join and show that hip hop can change. Successfully you all did. Thank you.

Hip-Hop Can Make A Change ? You Bet It Can Do.


Freestyle for homeless, that’s the event name. And we’re hereby to let you know that, this year we will do the same too. You already know its winter going on. And it’s bare cold outside. And there’s a big number of people out there whose are suffering right now, they are homeless. They ain’t got a yard to living. They are sleeping outside on the street or maybe on a Railway Station. Shivering, freezing but still surviving. It’s hard. Lots are suffering from many cold diseases too. Lots might gonna ignore these people. But we aren’t gonna do the same. We will stand for them and show them we do care. And that’s why, please join the event and make it successful. Wishing you all to see there. Let’s do it together, let’s bring the change, thru hip hop.

This event is all about helping the homeless people around us, so how are we gonna help them? There are only two steps we need to follow.

1.Bring Winter  Clothes / Blankets with you,  which you wanna donate.
2. Also Bring minimum 100 TK with you to donate for the homeless.

Every Rap artists, Vocalists, Guitarists, Beat-Boxers, B.Boys, Dancers, Graffiti artists and the list goes on. Everyone is invited here.

This is the event where we all stand together on the streets for the life of the streets. Cold winter days and nights has always been the toughest times for the homeless people around us. Just think about the people who been dying every year for the same reason. They are dying only because of they do not have a place to live in or clothes to wear and fight the cold winter hours. This is the time we stand together for them dying life. We can not save them all, but we can not let them all die at least. Let’s use our art to save life as much as we can.

countries finest emcees will be there at the event to support this movement.  You can catch BLACK ZANG,  NIZAM RABBY,  SKIBKHAN, ABD,  TOWFIQUE, AYAN, SHAFAYET and GSIFZ  will be there too.


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