Frappe Ash’s “Bambi” Is The Best Musical Trip You’ll Have Today!

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Frappe Ash‘s latest drop is a remix of Jidenna‘s “Bambi” and it is filled with soul to the max. Frappe flows over the “Bambi” instrumental very smoothly and in the mist drops poetic rhymes. On the other hand, the rhyme pattern complements the happy vibe of the beat. Similarly, flow switches perfectly fit the instrumental. The video shot by Galat Scenes adds to the listeners experience of the track.

“I was getting my rust off and was making a lot of music. Just because I missed dropping music, I knew I had to find myself a new style which sounds unique. I have found it and this marks the start of a new phase of my music. This just marks the beginning. I am going to be here forever, I just had to let em know. “

However, people who have a knack for good music and lyrics, “Bambi” is perfect for them. All in all, the track sends you on a joy filled trip and the visuals adds to the essence of this track. Also on a personal and not so professional note, this track sets the chill vibe you could smoke a joint too.

Watch the music video of “Bambi” by Frappe Ash: