Food For Thought: The Effect of Rap Lyrics on Millennials

We all have heard tracks like ‘In Da Club‘ by Ikka , ‘Char Bottle Vodka‘ by Yo Yo Honey Singh and several other similar commercial tracks  by mainstream stars like Raftaar, Badshah and even Bohemia, who are now or have been for a while, affiliated with mainstream Bollywood projects.

Ikka, Raftaar, and Badshah have mentioned this previously that they were mentored by Yo! Yo! Honey Singh at some point of their career but got separated due to creative differences.

As much as I agree with some of their music being supremely corny and unoriginal, one thing which I cannot disagree with them is that their music almost directly reflects the mind state of a lot of todays millennials. I have seen several young social circles where it seems flamboyance, alcohol, drugs and partying are the only things that millennials are concerned with. I speak only for the young social groups in metropolitan cities that I have seen so don’t shout at your phones just yet.

This is further aggravated by the demands of idiotic Bollywood directors and producers who want ‘Dhup Chik, Dhup Chik’ and fuck all commercial crap for their movies. In turn, leading to labels demanding stereotyped ‘Dhup Chuk crap music, which can’t give rappers with much option but to churn out commercial rubbish if they want to keep the bosses (their labels) happy. If you ask me, I feel though they might like making the money but even they themselves know that their integrity is being compromised with every wack release.

Everyone in the underground including me (sometimes) loves to critique the topics of songs that these mainstream cats release. I think they get all this fodder from the hip hop heads. We all know Honey Singh’s, ‘Char Bottle Vodka‘ but are not aware of the songs which he made on Bhagat Singh. I know there is not enough proof to say that the problem is the mentality of the youth? …… or is it?

When people who made alcohol were not criticized for inventing it, then why are rappers a soft target for putting it in their music. I am not saying that it is awesome to senselessly promote alcohol consumption via their music,  but alcohol is consumed whether or not you decide to rap about it. Do you think it might be a little primitive to blame the rappers for making such music?

It is a never ending cycle I feel, society will blame the rappers for making such music, millennials will consume alcohol regardless and the rappers will take shit for one reason or another.