Feyago Inaugurates Recording Studio Cum Production School Soundscape Academy

Kolkata rapper Vik Sen a.k.a. Feyago just introduced us to Soundscape Academy. After years of hustle and grind in the music industry the rapper has established a haven with his partner Sunny Paul. Soundscape Academy is based in Kolkata. It is not only a studio but is also an academy for aspiring musicians to learn Digital Music Production.

Feyago announced the opening of his recording studio on Facebook with a post that read, “After four years of endless touring and saving whatever was possible, I’m so excited to announce the opening of a fully equipped studio, Soundscape Academy!” He further added, “Soundscape is a place where you can learn digital music production, sound design, DJ and audio engineering. All courses start from March.”

feyago studio vik feyago sen soundscape academy

Feyago has undoubtedly been one of the earliest rising stars from desi hip hop underground. Soundscape Academy is the result of his four years of focus and determination. The rapper didn’t forget to thank all his fans who turned up for his events and supported him on social media. This move is definitely going to cement his position as an all rounder in the music biz.

Kolkata rappers looking out for a space to record their tracks and albums should hit Feyago up! We wish him best luck with this endeavour.

Check out Soundscape Academy’s page here, and stay connected:

soundscape academy vik feyago sen