Feud Between The Game & Meek Mill


Meek Mill is now proving that he is on a self destructive pathway and does not care about his street credibility. In the past 6 months, this is the 3rd beef he is involved in and prior to this he locked horns with Joe Budden and Drake and was made the laughing stock of the American Hip-Hop scene.

The beef between The Game and Meek Mill is moving at the speed of light. It is honestly very difficult to keep up with everything that is going on but I will try to briefly touch upon all that I came across. The two rappers have been involved in dialogue on social media for the past 24 hours, and now Drake and Sean Kingston have also joined in and are extending support by taking sides.

Just to let you know how it all started, the beef between the two rappers started sometime last week, when Game took the first step and called the Philly MC at his show in Miami. He also called Meek a snitch on a new track, “I Never Heard Of That.” We are now aware that Game was addressing to the allegations which Meek made on him and they revolved around Sean Kingston’s stolen chains.

Meek in typical cowardly manner posted that he did not want anything to do with Game to which Game responded by posting a screen grab of his incoming calls, seemingly proving the opposite is true. “Don’t call my phone tryna back out this ass whoopin…,

Game then went on to post a video of what actually went down and he was not happy. “You know fucking well that your ass got robbed in the club and robbed for all your jewellery.” Continuing that Kingston then called Game to say, “Game, big bro, somebody robbed me can you help me get my chains back.” He then blamed Kingston for detectives arriving at Game’s house, and considering him as a suspect.

Drake who has been defaming Meek at every possible opportunity also proved whose side he is on by sharing Game’s upcoming project and telling his fans to pre-order it, Ain’t that another way to market your album. Meek however might have felt some respite once he saw that Beanie Sigel is reaching out to him and both have gone ahead and dropped a diss record on the Compton native.

Just when you think that American Hip-Hop is starting to settle down and is moving away from gang culture and beefs some or the other mainstream rapper always proves you wrong by putting Meek’s career on the line. We will keep you posted of what all goes down between Meek Mill and Game.