Fazilpuria’s Bollywood Connect – ‘Goosebumps’ (Video)


Jackie Chan is returning to Indian screens in ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ this month, which is one of the most hyped movies in 2017. Along the star cast which includes India’s own Sonu Sood the movie is set to release on 3rd of Feb. With original music composed by Komail and Shivaan they decided to include Fazilpuria for an OST for the movie.

‘Goosebump’ is a commercial track which fulfils its objective of getting people on their feet. A proper club banger, Fazilpuria’s strong vocals fit the groovy beat nicely. The beat drops match the vocal projections used by the Rapper’s style. ROSSH did the music and the lyrics for this amazing project. The only drawback I could conclude while watching this was that the duration of the project was short and the chorus sounded like it was forced.

Watch The Project Here:

The video features cuts from the movies and a synced dance sequence. Gaining 4 million views on this soundtrack of Kung Fu Yoga, Fazilpuria definitely knows how to get the audience to move and groove. This project being a hit I can only wonder what the rapper has in stores for the future.

Are Y’all excited to Kung Fu Yoga?