The Fast And The Furious : Iconic Hip-Hop Tracks

The Fast And The Furious franchise is about to release the latest sequel ‘The Fate Of The Furious’ this April. Spanning over 17 years, the franchise has featured a lot of Hip-Hop tracks which later went on to rule the charts. Ten movies under this franchise and millions of fans behind the whole series, this article counts down my personal favourite soundtracks from the entire series.

1) See You Again – Wiz Khalifa Ft Charlie Puth.

Paul Walker was the heart of the entire series and once that heart stopped beating millions wept over the news. This track was from the 7th movie of the franchise. Capturing perfectly the memory of Paul Walker making it one of the most viewed Hip-Hop tracks ever. With over 2 Billion Youtube, views this track dominated the charts and with that also the hearts. The video is soulful and nostalgic which makes everyone viewing this emotional. If you are a Fast and Furious fanatic, this will definetly give you all the feels.

2) There It Go (Whistle Song) – Juelz Santana

This track is featured in the movie ‘Tokyo Drift’ but it is not on the soundtrack for the film. The instrumental of the project is one of the catchiest instrumentals you will ever hear. Juelz Santana perfectly lays his vocal on the bass heavy beat. The project fits well with the setting of an illegal racing event.

3) Six Days (Remix) – DJ Shadow Ft Mos Def

DJ Shadow uses the pitched up vocals in a very attractive and catchy manner making the instrumental a classic. Mos Def provides the perfect verse using an unorthodox rhyme pattern. The track from Tokyo Drift is one iconic and memorable project from the entire franchise. This Fast And The Furious movie has one of the best and wicked of all soundtracks.

4) Act A Fool – Ludacris

From the movie ‘2 Fast 2 Furious‘ which was the first movie to star Ludacris as an actor and later on he went to reprise his role as Tej. This track is aggressive and goes hard with the entire concept of the movie. Ludacris tells us how he does it in the south where he comes from and in the video we see clips from the movie and a few drift sequences. This track also got nominated for a Grammy for ‘Best Song Written For A Motion Picture‘ which was a first for Ludacris.

These are my four Hip-Hop picks. I’m excited to watch the latest release by the franchise in anticipation… Till then you tell me your Hip-Hop picks from the series!!