Fantasy Battle League RD#1 – Divine Vs Ace – Fans Vote

This is a heated round. Both of these artists represent Bombay and are dope at what they do, both are also respected throughout the country. Divine being a hitmaker has the local dialect but so does Ace. Both of these artists are friends and both of them have been rapping for a long time. If this battle were to ever happen, Bombay will shut down because of the immense energy that will be at display.

Both of these artists are my personal favourite for sure and this fantasy match up will be a interesting one.

This is going to be a legendary battle for sure. If there were to happen who do you think will win? This is once again a battle between the fans and the fans league. You get to choose who wins this fantasy match up so get your click on and vote below. I would slide over with Ace knowing his past history with Battle Rap.

Till now two artists have qualified for the next round. Pardhaan and Bohemia. Who is going to be the third artists you choose? Vote below!


Fantasy Battle League RD#1 – Divine Vs Ace – Fans Vote

Who would win in a Rap Battle...?

Thank you for the vote!