Fantasy Battle League : Introduction

Battle Rap has been around in India and Pakistan for a while now, leagues like Spit Dope Inc, They See, B3 and a few more promoting the culture to the max. I’m about to start a series where we will have fantasy matchups such as Bohemia vs Honey Singh, Sikander Khalon vs Divine, Badshah vs Ikka for example.

The catch is the fans get to decide who wins! I’ll simply lay down the rules and give my opinion about the matchups and at the end, a polling system will denote the winner.

Fantasy Battle League : Introduction

So to start of the first season of this fantasy league we’ll have 16 well-known artists go head to head in a fictional battle where the fans decide who wins. The 16 names are listed below.

  1. Bohemia
  2. Honey Singh
  3. Badshah
  4. Raftaar
  5. Sikander Kahlon
  6. Divine
  7. Emiway
  8. Naezy
  9. Ace from Mumbai’s Finest
  10. Ikka Singh
  11. Ishq Bector
  12. Baba Sehgal
  13. Hard Kaur
  14. Brodha V
  15. Dr Zeus
  16. Manj Musik

This series will continue until one of the 16 artists emerge as a winner. We’ll have the quarterfinal series starting from Monday with the following 8 matchups.

  1. Manj Musik vs Ikka Singh
  2. Ishq Bector vs Baba Sehgal
  3. Dr. Zeus vs Emiway
  4. Divine vs Ace
  5. Bohemia vs Honey Singh
  6. Raftaar vs Divine
  7. Badshah vs Naezy
  8. Brodha V vs Sikander Kahlon

This will be a polling series so the fans really need to be active to see their favorite artist emerge as the winner. We’ll have the first batch of the quarter-finals up in a couple of days till then do let us know who are you rooting for below in our polling system. Fans are you ready for this?

Tell us the what match ups you would like to see in the first batch of the quarter finals in the comment section on our Facebook post.