Fans Reaction On The Announcement Of Bohemia’s Biopic!

Bohemia‘s journey of becoming a globally known personality from a nobody to a pioneer has been inspirational & no one can deny that a young boy from Pakistan has made his name while living in the foreign land. His fans venerate him like a god and trust me they can even endeavor to slaughter you for him.

A few days ago, he affirmed a news that was going viral on the social media which suggested that a biopic is being planned on his life. He himself is the writer in charge but who’s gonna play his role on the big screen? It is supposed that Akshay Kumar is the most fitting decision for this part as he was the person who acquainted Bohemia with the sparkle of Bollywood.

We stepped forward to impart this news to his fans to get the message out and trust me his fans are already hyped up as this news received several comments on Facebook & Twitter. One can undoubtedly tell by reading these comments that this film is not going to disappoint his fans.

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Comments that Bohemia’s confirmation post received are a blessing for an artist like him. An artist longs for getting this kind of warmth from their fans yet only a few of them really figure out how to gain that. The image above contains comments on our news but comments that you’re gonna read now were screen captured from Bohemia’s Facebook.

Some of his fans don’t want Akshay to play his role while others are expecting it to be a Bollywood version of Eminem‘s biopic 8 Miles. Here are some tweets that the announcement has received and trust me this is next level of gratitude. Here are some tweets that his fans sent in reply to what Bohemia posted a few days ago.

It seems like his fans were dreaming of this announcement to come out and their favorite rap artist has made their wish come true. Who do you think should be the person to play his role on the wide screen?